My Thoughts

It seems like im losing friends faster than making them and those close to me are drifting away. O and what is it about me that makes all girls love to ditch plans with me? I REALLY JUST DONT FUCKING UNDERSTAND and it really doesnt matter cause no one cares

I wonder what its like to be one of those people who always has someone… regardless of if its the same person they seem to without fail, find someone who cares. I feel like the majority of my life is spent alone. maybe I was meant to be alone.. my parents were never there, my siblings were never there, my friends are there on occasion and i cant seem to keep a girl around for more than 3 months or so.. even after that there are 8 - 14 month periods inbetween :/ I guess Im alone, always have been and it looks like I always will be…

as soon as something goes in my life goes good the other side goes to shit…

Guess the one person I thought would always care doesn’t anymore, great. I guess friendship extends only until they find a new person close by. Emotionally used, guess I should be used to it by now.

Apology of the journey through life with love

I’m sorry for the pain and anguish i’ve caused
to hurt you was never my intention
unsure of what is right or wrong

I find myself at loss for what to do
there’s nothing that can ever change all that we’ve been through
while i love you and am drawn to you like a moth to flame

were we wrong to stay close?
I’d like to say no but I can’t bare knowing that me being around
will hurt you and keep you from happiness

tell me what you think is right
I don’t want to lose you from my life
but if it means you’ll be happier
ill leave you be without a fight…